HeatnCool has certified and experienced technicians with a sure solution to any of your air-conditioning problems and they are at your service 24/7.

HEATnCOOL Refrigeration and HVAC Ltd. provides:


  • SALES of all kinds of air-conditioning systems. WE at HeatnCool make sure you get your system on time and in perfect condition according to your specifications and needs.
  • INSTALLATION of all kinds of air-conditioning systems.
  • REGULAR MAINTENANCE of all kinds of air-conditioning systems whether new or old, according to your specific needs.
  • REPAIR of all kinds of air-conditioning systems. Instant and quality service is what we deliver.



We at HeatnCool sell, install and repair all kinds of commercial heating systems. We make sure that you get the right kind of system, keeping in mind some important factors like:

  • how much area heating system will cover.
  • what kind and size of duct work needed.
  • and many more...


We sell, install and repair home furnaces.

With the latest energy efficient furnaces your get a more comfortable temperature range and you also same a lot on your hydro bill.